Write an email to a friend and tell

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Letter to a Friend telling your Future plans after leaving College

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An email to a new friend

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Aug 16,  · When writing, try to make your letters as clear as possible so that your letter is easy to read. If you know your handwriting is hard to read, consider printing instead.

You can even type the letter out and send it if you think your friend might not be able to read your writing%(3). To learn how to write a business email, remember the following: Business emails are generally less formal than business letters.

Business emails written to colleagues are generally direct and ask for specific actions to be taken. WRITING PART 2 1.

Your English friend, Emma, has sent you some Money for you to buy a music CD. Write an email to Emma. In your email, you should: Thank Emma for the present - Say which music CD you are going to buy - Explain why you have chosen.

Jun 12,  · i have to write an email to my best friend its a school work, could you correct plz? Dear Tony, I am unhappy and I need your help. i have to write an email to my best friend its a school work, could you correct p Originally Posted by smurfy.

Dear Tony, I am unhappy and I need your help. Reply from the friend. Dear Ranjan, Received your letter and noted its contents. I am extremely sorry that I couldn’t write to you earlier.

In fact, my touring duties kept me so busy that I found little time to remember replying to your letters.

Letting People Know

Tell Your Friend If writing a note isn't your thing, be sure to tell your friend how thankful you are to have them in your life. Giving a sincere compliment can lift your friend's spirits and give them a feeling of comfort about your relationship.

Write an email to a friend and tell
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