Write an email to a friend about your travel experience

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Learning English

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How to Write an Email to a Friend

While extroverts gather friends in every city and country they travel to. Dear Friend, Last week I visited Manali with my family. I hope you remember I had told you about this trip. My friend manali is a great place.

the Rohtang pass is just awesome. But some of my friends have one and they said that is amazing, because you can learn a lot of someone only by sending emails and also you can find people of different parts of the world.

I. In this letter I am giving you an exhilarating experience of my camping trip. I, along with six school mates, went camping to Bir in Himachal Pradesh.

An informal email

It was a seven-day trip. Write a letter to him/her and say- When the best period to visit your country is- suggest a plan for the travel- recommend places to visit in your country Essay topics: One of your friends is planning to visit your country and asking you for some information.

Aug 16,  · Writing an essay about a personal experience or relationship can be a powerful way of both discovering the meaning of your own past and sharing that past with others.

When you write about something in your past, you have two perspectives: your perspective in the present and the perspective you had at the time the event abrasiverock.coms:

Write an email to a friend about your travel experience
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