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On January 4,SandForce was acquired by LSI Corporation and became the Flash Components Division of LSI. [2] [4] LSI was subsequently acquired by Avago Technologies on May 6, and on the 29th of that same month Seagate Technology announced its intention to.

Elements of the IP in the new SSD design came from Seagate and SandForce. LSI acquired SandForce in January - and revealed the strategic significance of this shortly afterwards when it revealed that LSI's PCIe SSD product - the WarpDrive - was being oemed by EMC.

On Monday, the LSI Corporation introduced its third-generation SandForce flash controller line, the SF, promising increased levels of flash performance, reliability, endurance, and the flexibility to support both native PCIe Gen2 x4 and SATA 3 (6 Gb/s) host interfaces in a single ASIC design.

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Write amplification sand force lsi seagate
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