Write a wave function

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Wave function

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Function Grapher and Calculator

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Schrödinger’s Equation in 1-D: Some Examples

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Sinusoidal function from graph

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Wavefunctions and the Born Interpretation

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Harmonic Oscillator Spectrum and Eigenstates

The former causes the wave function to decrease exponentially as as required of any bound state, while the later accounts for the behavior of the wave function at short distances and the number of nodes of the wave function. wave function[′wāv ‚fəŋk·shən] (quantum mechanics) Schrödinger wave function Wave Function in quantum mechanics, a quantity that completely describes the state of a microscopic object (for example, an electron, proton, atom, or molecule) and of any quantum system (for example, a crystal) in general.

A description of the state of a microscopic. The Schrodinger equation is the name of the basic non-relativistic wave equation used in one version of quantum mechanics to describe the behaviour of a particle in a field of force.

There is the time dependant equation used for describing progressive waves, applicable to the motion of free particles.

Therefore let's write the stationary sine wave like this: There's a good reason for the factor of 2π. Looking at this expression, we can see that, when x' increases by λ, the argument of the sine function increases by 2π, so the sine function goes through one complete cycle.

or f(x) = A cos (b x + c) + D The sine and cosine functions are known to vary between a maximum value and a minimum value. Let M be the maximum and m be the minimum values of f(x) defined above. In other words, solutions of the 1D wave equation are sums of a right traveling function F and a left traveling function G.

"Traveling" means that the shape of these individual arbitrary functions with respect to x stays constant, however the functions are translated left and right with time at the speed c.

Write a wave function
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