Write a short tourist information leaflet

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Saturday's Walks

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Tourist Leaflets

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Tenerife Information, Transport TITSA buses and Bus Services Tenerife, Bono Bus ticket, main tourist bus routes and bus services for Las Americas, Los Cristianos, airport, and tourist resorts. Write a short paragraph under your subheadings.

Each paragraph should not be too long as people usually do not have the patience to read lengthy passages when they are browsing through a leaflet. Make sure that your paragraph is short and concise/5(2). Is it safe to travel to a certain country?

If you require any information on travelling to potential problem areas, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has up to date information on its website here. Our Swansea City Centre Hotel is perfect for the Gower beaches, beauty spots, museums and the Marina. Book Direct from £ Tourist Leaflets On Goa.

Prepare a Short tourist leaflet about Hill Station: i. How to go there? ii. With this information, a Health Education leaflet is designed to encourage teenage exercise.

This leaflet will Some people write an intelligent book in their lifetime. Michelle M. .

Write a short tourist information leaflet
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