Write a short note on epab oocyte

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Fertilization: Notes on Fertilization in Humans

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#shortstorytip. A; ePAB was coprecipitated with CPEB from oocytes, but not those treated with progesterone (Fig. 1C). Finally, oocytes were injected with mRNA encoding myc-ePAB; symplekin, CPSF, and CPEB were coprecipitated with ePAB from oocyte extracts treated with RNAse A, but not from mature oocyte extracts also treated with RNase A.

In the first, the nuclear genome from the pronuclear stage zygote of an affected woman is transferred to an enucleated donor zygote. A second technique involves transfer of the metaphase II spindle from the unfertilized oocyte of an affected woman to an enucleated donor oocyte. The origin and development of gametes is called gametogenesis (Fig.

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Write a short note on epab oocyte
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Useful Notes on Gametogenesis (Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis)