Shorter form of writing a birp note

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Physics 5 Years Solved Question Papers

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3. Is the note dated, signed and legible? 4. Is the client name and/or identifier included on each page? 5. Has referral and collateral information been documented? 6. Does the note reflect changes in client status (eg. GAF, measures of functioning)?

7. Are all abbreviations standardized and consistent? 8.


Did counselor/supervisor sign note? 9. \nAre the symptoms of the personâ s illness making it impossible for him or her to carry on as normal? \n. \nIn other words is the condition clearly affecting how the person lives his or her life?

The Hevajra Tantra: A Critical Study

\n. \nThese changes may be personal for example, poor sleep or social inability to work or form relationships.

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Shorter form of writing a birp note
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