Nucleosynthesis helium

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Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

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The Big Bang Nucleosynthesis theory predicts that roughly 25% the mass of the Universe consists of Helium.


It also predicts about % deuterium, and even smaller quantities of lithium. The important point is that the prediction depends critically on the density of baryons (ie neutrons and protons) at the time of nucleosynthesis.

Big Bang nucleosynthesis begins about one minute after the Big Bang, when the universe has cooled enough to form stable protons and neutrons, after baryogenesis. (H-2 or D), the helium. A star's energy comes from the combining of light elements into heavier elements in a process known as fusion, or "nuclear burning".It is generally believed that most of the elements in the universe heavier than helium are created, or synthesized, in stars when lighter nuclei fuse to make heavier nuclei.

The process is called nucleosynthesis. After the hydrogen in the star's core is exhausted, the star can burn helium to form progressively heavier elements, carbon and oxygen and so on, until iron and nickel are.

Which shows the correct order of events during the process of nucleosynthesis abrasiverock.comen nucleus formed,isotope of hydrogen tritum formed,helium nucleus formed nucleus formed,hydrogen nucleus formed,isotope of hydrogen,tritium formed/5(11).

big bang nucleosynthesis. By the first millisecond, the universe had cooled to a few trillion kelvins Yet, hydrogen and helium together won't make anything as complex and as interesting as the Earth, or a bacterium, or a refrigerator, or you and I. To do that we need carbon and oxygen and nitrogen and silicon and chlorine and every other.

Nucleosynthesis helium
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