Marketing embraces functions linking company with customers needs

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Marketing and Functions

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In conclusion, the marketing is a function of the company or organization (as is the production function, financial, administrative, etc ) which is intended to identify target markets to meet their needs or desires through proper implementation the.

“Always on” marketing programs, in which companies engage with customers in exactly the right way at any contact point along the journey, require agile teams of experts in analytics and information technologies, marketing, and experience design.

How Marketing Discovers Customer Needs

Feb 27,  · marketing--understanding customer needs even better than customers themselves do, and creating products and services that will meet existing and latent needs now and in the future. The co-creation of value is a desirable goal as it can assist firms in highlighting the customer’s or consumer’s point of view and in improving the front-end process of identifying customers’ needs and wants (Lusch and Vargo ).

performance by closely integrating the internal functions within a company and effectively linking them with the external operations of suppliers, customers, and other channel members. The benefit of supply.

Barriers to implementing a marketing plan Essay Marketing embraces functions linking company with customers needs
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