Mannu palla lake

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Manipal Lake Tour

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The name is clearly Tamil. The tangy Manipal University is in Manipal. The identification comprises many famous educational institutions. The name Mannu palla for a natural water body appears a bit odd as ‘mannu’ means soil and ‘palla’ a lake. It could be that the earlier it was Manni Palla or Mani palla before being Mannu palla in.

Nomi e cognomi in Italia, araldica, significato e storia. Manipal got its name from Mannu meaning Mud and Palla which is Lake in Kannada and Tulu. This refers to the lake situated in the middle of Manipal.

There are a few tourist destinations such as Udupi, Malpe Beach, Karkala and Kapu Beach around this locality. Mannu Palla development committee, chaired by district commissioner, has been formed to look after the development of the lake. During the term of former DC M T Reju (), a proposal of Rs 5 crore was submitted to tourism and urban development department for its development.

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Mannu means mud and Palla means lake in Tulu Language. This lake to which Manipal owes its name still has a place of pride in this university town and it offers boating facilities.

This lake to which Manipal owes its name still has a place of pride in this university town and it offers boating facilities.

It takes its name from “Mannu Palla” which means a mud lake.

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There is a lake stretching to meters located right at the centre of the town. It is a popular hangout place often flocked by .

Mannu palla lake
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