Malcolm x writings speeches

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Comparing Malcolm to Martin: Dr. King's Dream and The Black Revolution

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By Any Means Necessary (Malcolm X Speeches and Writings) by Malcolm X

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Malcolm X: The Last Speeches

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Fourteenth of all, every morning should be started with a thesis statement. Speeches, Interviews and a Letter by Malcolm X (), and more recently the Spanish-language Habla Malcolm X ().

These books largely exhausted the pool of writings and speeches. Last class, we read Dr. King's " I Have a Dream" speech. Today, we are going to read an excerpt from a Malcolm X speech. I have chosen to read "The Black Revolution" with my students because I thought it would be interesting to compare the message and tone of two speeches on the same topic, written during the same time period.

February The Final Speeches (Malcolm X speeches & writings) [Malcolm X] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Speeches from the last three weeks of the life of this outstanding leader of the oppressed Black nationality and of the working class in the United States/5(11).

The speeches have been divided into three sections in order to be able to follow Malcolm's "chronology of changes." The speeches with the Nation of Islam reflect his love for Elijah Muhammad. A portion of three unpublished chapters from The Autobiography of Malcolm X was put up for auction yesterday.

The chapters were originally cut in because they were deemed too incendiary. The chapters were originally cut in because they were deemed too incendiary. Exploring the writings of Malcolm X.


Documents written by Malcolm X

Emma Greguska — May 31, hearing his analysis of both the autobiography and his understanding of the speeches. Malcolm X, in my opinion, sounds a lot more like a Christian minister than any imam I’ve ever heard. And because of .

Malcolm x writings speeches
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