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China XD Plastics Company Limited (CXDC)

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PREPARE FOR: MOHD YAZID BIN MD TAIB PREPARE BY: TEH CHIN HAN Company Profile In existence sinceZeito Plastic Component Sdn. NORDON possesses a diversity of machinery and experiences which enables the company to service a broad range of customers, to deliver a broad range of part-specific dimensions and features, and to dedicate production cells to select customers.

Founded inDongguan Guangdu Precision Mould Co., Ltd. is located in China mold industry center – Chang’an, Dongguan, covering a plant area of 6, square meters, it specializes in the design and manufacture of plastic mold, double injection plastic mold, metal stamping die, die-casting die, powder metallurgy die, precision component.

Low Profile Decorative Fastener Caps LPC Series Decorative Fastener Caps A simple cap and washer system for protecting, decorating or concealing exposed bolts, screws and rivets.

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Company profile of zeito plastic component
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