Attempt to write a readonly database svn repository

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Re: sqlite[S8]: attempt to write a readonly database

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.svn/wc.db as group writable

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However, some of the new features may not be available unless both. svn revert changes in repository but not locally. Ask Question. up vote 1 down vote favorite. “Attempt to write a readonly database” 2.

How can I correctly create my local repository based on existing folders?

How can I remove data from local SVN repository? 2. How to revert a file to older revision in SVN. 1.

Behaviour of 'svn lock' in a read-only workspace

For each directory in [savelibname] (or in [libname] if savelibname is not assigned), savelib attempts to open a Maple repository, for writing in the directory. If it is successful, it saves the values of name1, name2, and returns NULL. Read Only Names are the users that are allowed to fetch the repository, but not add or commit to it.

Read Write are people you would like to share full access with. The groups are the names of groups you have created on the previous page, so that you may more easily control access for larger numbers of people, i.e. a class of students or a.

SVN: E200031: attempt to write a readonly database

svn/ as group writable. Hi, I imagining I have a problem with my svn version. After a bunch of tests, I cannot make svn checkout a product and as group writable. I need to do.

savelib - save a file to a Maple repository

Maintaining a Subversion repository can be daunting, mostly due to the complexities inherent in systems that have a database backend.

Attempt to write a readonly database svn repository
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Message: Attempt to write a read only database