An audit is a regular inspection of a companys financial procedures

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Audit Documentation

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Financial audit

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Jul 25,  · An accounting audit is the process of examining a company's entire financial situation, with an emphasis on ensuring compliance with relevant reporting standards, and promoting adequate cash handling policies and internal controls%(27).

Find and compare Risk Management software. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors. A financial audit is conducted to provide an opinion whether "financial statements" (the information being verified) are stated in accordance with specified criteria.

Normally, the criteria are international accounting standards, although auditors may conduct audits of financial statements prepared using the cash basis or some other basis of accounting appropriate for the organisation.

Five Types of Testing Methods Used During Audit Procedures

External auditors may also be engaged to perform other agreed-upon procedures, related or unrelated to financial statements. Most importantly, external auditors, though engaged and paid by the company being audited, should be regarded as independent.

Regular Health Check Audits: An energy audit is an inspection.

An audit is a regular inspection of a companys financial procedures
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