Always a motive

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Always a Motive Case

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Question 4 The cause that provokes anger, and the remedies of anger

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Is the motive of anger always something done against the one who is angry? Is slight or contempt the sole motive of anger?

Always a Motive

The cause of anger on the part of the angry person. The cause of anger on the part of the person with whom one is angry. Anarchy is the lawlessness of a society, entity, group of people, or a single person that rejects hierarchy. The word originally meant leaderlessness, but in Pierre-Joseph Proudhon adopted the term in his treatise What Is Property?

to refer to a new political philosophy: anarchism, which advocates stateless societies based on voluntary associations. Predestination. If you're a Christian, you've heard of predestination. You must have because the Bible uses the word and teaches the idea.

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The Air Force said Monday that the gunman should never have been able to buy guns, but that information was not placed in a national database.

Always a motive
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